I am Lynette!

My careers focus on service industries where I am able to help people.

As a nurse caring for patients, I seek accountability, empathy, critical thinking, creative problem solving and respect for religious beliefs and cultural diversity to make me an effective team leader. As a leader, I offer hands-on help to my team when it's busy, as sharing in their workload enhances teamwork and creates a harmonized work environment.

As a career counsellor, I have witnessed many job losses and a rise in unemployment in many sectors with company closures, due to Covid-19. To help clients, I focus on job search strategies, labour market trends and insight to develop an action plan based on skill-set and experience to define their employment goals. Then, I set about to assist each client to find employment.

The photograph is of my modelling period; it's important to have a work-life balance with a blend of activities that are fun and different.

As you view my pages and video, I would appreciate you sharing with others and purchasing my book.

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