Lynette's Career and Work Counselling
Career Counsellor - Entrepreneur since 2009
Ottawa, ON
Here in the office, we begin by building rapport with you as a bridge to a collaborative relationship. During the Free session we will explore 3 specific areas: 1). your self-awareness; 2). your barriers to reemployment; 3). your actions needed to bring about change, and use a "baby-step" approach to job search, and the benefits of focused job search until employed.

My experience as an employee in helping Internationally Trained Professionals and downsized Experienced Professionals from 1998, opened my eyes to the barriers they faced that held them back from re-employment. Those experiences propelled me back to school where I gained my Career and Work Counsellor Diploma, worked in the field to gain experience to become an advocate for job seekers -a Career Counsellor Entrepreneur. Intercultural Neighbourhood Social Services
Work Placement Consultant -2007
Mississauga, ON

Coached, mentored and supported clients; conducted one-on-one client's assessment to evaluate graduates' readiness for the Bridging Program or Employment; My research efforts galvanized companies to accept graduates as a "Bridge-to Work" through Co-op Placements or employment

Academy of Learning
Employment Counsellor -2006-2007
Toronto, ON

In this position I transformed and ignited job search training to 200+ students on two campuses: the training included groups of 20 hands-on computer workshops on Cover Letter and Résumé writing; one-on-one training on reading and responding to job ads; verbal and attire interview preparation.

I partnered and negotiated with employers in 3 sectors and put employment focused graduates into jobs.

In the counselling sessions with difficult pre-grads, I demonstrated empathy, openness and positivity, and explained every detail clearly. These difficult pre-grads were encouraged and help to awaken their motivation for change by encouraging a positive and optimistic outlook.

Skills for Change
Resource Officer -1998-2005
Toronto, ON

I spearheaded and facilitated a 5-day workshop for Internationally Trained Professionals called "Newcomers Communicating with Employers": the sessions detailed all aspects of Canadian job search; preparation for telephone and in-office interviews and formal video interview practices.

I evaluated a need, consulted management and designed an "Interview Checklist" that helped clients prepare flawlessly for interviews.

I co-authored and facilitated an LMI -Labour Market Information workshop including PowerPoint presentation for 32 ERC -Employment Resource Center staff.

Additionally, I piloted LMI workshops for ESL Teachers and at women's and men's shelters.

My colleagues and I facilitated over 900+ Workshops on Cover Letters & Résumés and assisted clients on a one-to-one basis as needed.

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