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My name is Lynette Y. Joseph-Sankey. Before becoming a Career & Work Counsellor, I became an unemployed nurse in Toronto when hospital beds were cut, and in Ottawa through downsizing. Yes, I felt deep pain because nursing jobs were not meant to end; therefore I decided to move obstacles and get out of the BOX others decided I should be in.


I love coaching, advising and counselling individuals in making career decisions based on the specific needs and cultural / diversity.

My passion is teaching job search strategies: creating tailor made cover letters and résumés to help clients radiate professionally.

An expert in interview skill levels: telephone interviews, behavioural-based interviews and situational interviews: individuals are helped to identify interview strengths and weakness and mentored to excel.

Proficient in labour market trends, it is explained clearly for clients to understand the impact and importance it has in making solid occupational decisions. (A Labour Market Matrix will be given to clients.)

I have a genuine interest and a non-judgemental approach in helping clients faced with job loss; job search; job stress; job conflict and in seeking career transition, and at LCWC we serve with integrity and respect.

To amaze, inspire and help clients manage job loss fears, assist in job search transition so they can be empowered to achieve career success.


To be a top transformational leader, inspiring clients to pursue meaningful careers for a better future in Canada.


Demonstrate compassion, inspiration and inclusion with respect to clients' backgrounds, beliefs and goals.

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