God Loves You
It was extremely important to me to become a great leader as I watched my dad, a Certified Chartered Accountant, rise in his position at Texaco.

My leadership skills started as a teenager and was strengthened from there with integrity, inclusion, and inspiration through Bible verses I read and lived.

I am thoroughly organized, so whenever I prepare teaching materials, I begin by setting up clear-objectives to help people understand and focus on learning.

Leadership opportunities were all around me as I watched chaos in leadership on my job.

It took me some time to function effectively in the Canadian culture when English words had a completely different meaning between the UK and Canada. For example: crisp, biscuit, phone box, bonnet of a car.

As soon as I became a leader, strategic thinking with vision was essential, along with active listening, clear oral and concise written communication, positive feedback, and using my soft skills that included my happy optimistic personality, positive attitude and innovation.

I have led, guided and helped many professionals from all cultures, religions and socioeconomical statuses accomplish their goals with a servant heart, attentive, respectful, listening and connecting with them.

Here are the arrow building-blocks teaching cycle I developed and follow:

"But among you it will be different.
Whoever wants to be a leader among you must be your servant."
Matthew 20:26
(New Living Translation)