A Nurse's 50 Year Journey

Neuron Cells

During my 50-years in nursing, my mental and physical endurance did not wane, as I had to make quick health decisions on behalf of patients while on my feet and communicate those decisions effectively with others, thanks to the unique structure and function of neuron cells.

Summarizing 50 years as a Nurse:
I cared for babies 1-hour old to seniors 104 years of age and several still had the ability to share their life stories.

Nursing is a wonderful journey like no other and you must experience it, because imagination alone will not give you that adrenaline rush to move into action: whether to call an ambulance in an emergency; call a code blue (cardiac arrest); run with a wound cart when a patient slips and falls on the floor bleeding; giving end-of-life-care or sharing pain with a family at a patient's funeral.



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